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Small Takeaways Drive Big Outcomes: Capturing Value from the Flurry of Conference

Written by TJ Kell, ECLP class of 2016. 

I recall first stepping foot on the GE Appliance Park campus back in 2005, an ambitious and curious engineer. I was excited to be a part of a team with such great products and a strong brand. I left in 2008 for GE Aviation in Cincinnati, excited to retain the cultures and values of GE and work on a series of technically fascinating products; to be a part of inventing the future of flight. Both businesses have provided me endless learning opportunities, challenging schedules and the opportunity to truly push the envelope with regard to new product development and technology.

I’ve always been a thinker, and the piece that became so intriguing to me was how did the business plan close? How did we determine the markets and prices for our products and keep our internal teams focused to deliver the GE way, irrespective of what others may think is important externally. The experienced commercial leadership program (ECLP) was the fast paced conduit to begin a deeply fulfilling commercial career that I was looking for to answer these questions and more; I was now an Intrapreneur.

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Lorraine, Thanks for Making it Simple…

If you’re not the type of person that embraces change, then leadership is not for you. - Lorraine Bolsinger VP, Leadership Accelerator Program

Written by Ope Amosu, ECLP class of 2016. 
“Cool,” “humorous,” and “direct”. After spending two hours with Lorraine Bolsinger, at a swanky hotel, in the heart of Budapest, those three words best capture how I would describe her. It’s not every day that you get a front row seat to hear from someone who has successfully climbed to the top ranks of a $150B enterprise. Needless to say, when she offers career advice, you listen! 
At last week’s Global ECLP Conference, ~140 pairs of ears were tuned in to hear Lorraine’s perspective on the ECLP program, her first three weeks in her newly-appointed role as leader of GE’s new Accelerator program, and her vision for GE’s next generation of top talent. 
When you boil her dialogue down to a few words [boiling it down doesn’t do her keynote justice but please stick with me here], her message is crystal clear… GE is looking for a new wave of leaders.
Simple enough, right? Exactly! Well, the message became more digestible once she discussed the pathway to leadership.       

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Happy 2016!

ECLP Blog Readers,

Happy New Year everyone!  It is time again to reflect on what we have accomplished last year and put forward our goals for 2016. 

In 2015 we published over sixty great stories about our ECLP program, our company, and our people. We hope you’ve enjoyed them.  “Featured ECLP”, where we highlighted current ECLP’s ongoing rotations, backgrounds, and success stories, was a top focus in 2015, and represented the largest share of the posts.  In 2016, on top of ECLP day-in-the-life posts, we plan to add more technology, culture, and international content,  to bring more awareness to the “Big Themes” that are shifting our company, like our Digital Transformation (Note our programming friend, Owen, to the left - part of GE’s “What’s the matter with Owen” commercials). 

Please feel free to let us know what you would like to see by commenting below,  we look forward to a great 2016 with you!


Your blog team,

-Amol, Aakash, Scott and Adam




ECLP Commercial Women Speaker Series: Alison Arbitrio

Syntax, inflection, aggression and content — communication is what you say and how you deliver the message. Alison Arbitrio, Director for Account Based Marketing at GE Digital, discussed this topic and more with over 45 current ECLP and alumni on Tuesday, November 10 as part of the ECLP Commercial Women Speaker Series.

Focused on collaboration and leadership, Alison attended the University of Washington for a MBA after starting her career in the non-profit sector. Joining GE in 2009, her past experiences led to roles spanning multiple GE business units. Throughout that time, “I have been told to be more aggressive, to smile more, and to interrupt people” said Alison. “At first, I took the feedback to heart and didn’t think that it was a gender issue.”  

But was that feedback gender related, or simply a personality preference? Are differences in the way men and women communicate fact or fiction? Does the Venus and Mars theory actually exist? In the article, What Language Barrier? Deborah Cameron points out the contradictory literature produced about gender based communication styles have become mainstream media points. She suggests that gender may not have as much to do with communication styles as the public often holds to be true.  She also asserts that the assumption on roles and actions suited to men or women should be questioned.

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Learning From the “Other Side”

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”                                                          -Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop and O.G. marketer at Apple

The “crew” from this year’s competition. Competing schools included Indiana, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue, and Ohio State.

Although I don’t really agree with Guy’s take on ideas, I do agree that implementation is hard.  Really hard.  And very often, not fun.  But it is important.  It’s important because without a business model, a business idea is just wishful thinking.

As a former participant in both case and business plan competitions, I was curious about the “other side” and recently co-organized and ran the 2015 ECLP Case Competition at the University of Notre Dame with Priyanka Joseph (Transportation ECLP Class of 2017).  Having observed each of the teams’ New Product Introduction (NPI) pitches and the deliberations among our executive-level judges from GE Healthcare, GE Transportation, and Current by GE, I’d like to share 3 things that I picked up:

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2015 Global Give Back Campaign: Expanding the program to new frontiers (Part 2)

Global Give Back is an annual initiative within GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program that encourages program participants (ECLPs) to give back to their communities through monetary donations, and by volunteering their time to causes they believe in. This year, Global Give Back campaign leaders worked to expand the footprint of the program for ECLPs by encouraging creative new ways to give back.  Check out some of their stories:

Story #3- Brian Thacker, GE Digital ECLP 2017

Brian’s GGB Story

For this year’s fall sprint, I chose to volunteer at Breakthrough Urban Ministries Fresh Market in the Garfield Park neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.  In just 4 hours, a team of 8 volunteers was able to provide over 40 households with enough healthy food staples for the week.  This event was organized by the Chicago Cares volunteer network.

I also chose to donate to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.  As someone personally familiar with the hardships associated with mental illness I believe that it’s critical to create a more open dialogue to enable those affected to feel comfortable sharing their stories.  The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research.

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2015 Global Give Back Campaign: Expanding the program to new frontiers (Part 1)

Global Give Back is an annual initiative within GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program that encourages program participants (ECLPs) to give back to their communities through monetary donations, and by volunteering their time to causes they believe in. This year, Global Give Back campaign leaders worked to expand the footprint of the program for ECLPs by encouraging creative new ways to give back.  Check out some of their stories:

Story #1- Ryan Maddux, Aviation ECLP 2016

 1) Ryan’s GGB Story 

  • During this contribution to the GGB campaign, I worked with fellow Aviation ECLP’s at Matthew 25 Ministries, a global charity that is headquartered in the greater Cincinnati area.  
  • Matthew 25 Ministries has built an expansive network of corporate connections and developed a system to recover excess products from these companies which they classify as no longer useful.  With the help of local volunteers, these corporate donations are sorted, assembled, and repackaged in bulk containers for redistribution to people in desperate poverty around the world.
  • During this event, Aviation ECLPs assisted Matthew 25 Ministries in sorting through hundreds of boxes of donated clothing items and repackaging them in bulk containers for shipment.

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Mid-Atlantic Regional ECLP Case Competition

Georgetown University hosted the annual meeting of Mid-Atlantic managerial nerds in the nation’s capitol this past week.  The case compeition brought wide and impressive representation from the region with the following schools competing:


The students pitched New Product Introduction proposals that focused on industrial applications that reflect GE’s “Brilliant Machines”, a key driving strategy for the emerging Industrial Internet.  The panel of judges (Mary Roche, Trevor Shand, Chris Wienbeck) varied in focus areas and disciplines, representing thought leaders throughout the company.  Each team brought innovative ideas on how GE can capitalize on it’s stengths to successfully tackle the Internet of Things, however the UMD team made the most compelling case.

Congratulations to the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business for winning this years competition!


The case competition was hosted by current ECLPs: Kerri Westfield 2016 Corporate, Danielle Halley 2017 Oil and Gas, and Aakash Shah 2017 Healthcare.


Northeast Regional ECLP case competition ...

The 2015 Northeast ECLP case competition was held on Oct 30 at the UConn business school campus in Stamford CT. The teams presented great new product ideas geared towards supporting commerical initiatives for the industrial internet.

Particpating B-Schools: Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, MIT, and UConn

Special thanks to the ECLP alumni judges for asking tough questions to the teams and for being fair: Amar Arekapudi (Corporate), Ricky Buch (Power & Water), and James Londono (Capital).

And oh yeah CONGRATULATIONS to Team Cornell for winning the competition. Great job by all the teams.



The case competition was hosted by current ECLPs: Ashmi Pancholi 2016 Corporate ECLP and Amol Kapur 2016 Capital/Power & Water ECLP.


London Business School Visits GE Singapore

Sandiip Saravanan, LBS MBA ‘17, recently visited GE’s regional office in Singapore and wrote the following blog about his experience:

“GE is renowned for its outstanding leadership. This was evident in all facets of our communication with GE - from the time we reached out to the staff to schedule a visit to the actual meeting itself - everything was planned and executed to perfection. From the opening slide of the presentation it was clear that GE was a company that cares deeply about its employees. GE’s core value of “We all rise”, leaderships programs and training at Crotonville place employees at the heart of business success - something that was quite attractive to many of our LBS classmates.

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