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Top Talent Project Series: Virtual Pipeline

Business Case:  Virtual pipelines enable natural gas to reach places where conventional pipelines do not exist.  In this emerging new space of “virtual pipeline,” identify global opportunities to provide the complete solution, by way of external partners and gas monetization (CNG, m-LNG). 

Team Members:  Igor Loureiro (Global Growth Operations- Brazil); Ivette Castillo (Energy Management – Mexico); Romain Berlier (Aviation – France); Daniel Icasiano (Power & Water – Singapore); Tiffany Clark (Capital – US)


Group Picture taken at Nuovo Pignone, Florence, Italy. L to R: Back – John, Simon, Romain, Igor, Caroline, and Jeff; L to R: Front – Daniel, Dmitry, Ryo, Tiffany, Ivette, Sean, Camila, Charlotte, and AnneAs soon as the teams were announced, the project sponsors initiated a call with all team members to provide an overview of each project, as well as introduce the ECLPs to their respective project managers.  Following the call, the teams hit the ground running and began formulating their timeline for the four-week project, as well as conduct and schedule interviews with subject matter experts and stakeholders.  Having ECLPs from different businesses allowed us to bring a unique set of skills to each project as well as allowing us to fill in the gaps – interviews conducted spanned various businesses from Capital to Power & Water to Global Growth Operations, etc. – all businesses were well represented.  Among the three teams, more than 150 interviews were conducted providing stakeholder maps for the business to later reference.

So what value did ECLPs bring to GE’s industrial business of Oil & Gas?  All of the projects shared common themes - commercialization and customers.  Our team members from various businesses brought a unique point of view to the commercial models and strategies.  The project’s team environment also brought diversity in terms of geography, businesses, experience, technical and commercial skills, and leadership.  These characteristics fostered rapid development of our projects that was instrumental in accomplishing our deliverables within a 4-week time period.

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Featured ECLP: Phil Fusacchia

Phil at the site of first drilling rig to operate on flare gas captured to CNG in the Bakken (North Dakota)Who: Phil Fusacchia,  ECLP 2014 class in GE Oil and Gas

What:Phil Fusacchia was recently was recognized by the CEO of GE Oil & Gas, Lorenzo Simonelli, with a CEO Performance Award for his contributions to the Oil & Gas business related to his efforts and achievement with the Unconventionals Vertical and the Last Mile solutions.

His Story on External Focus

It never surprises me what we can learn from customers: what we do well, what we don’t, and perhaps more importantly how we can help them in a way that we never thought possible. As an ECLP at GE, we have unparalleled access to data and resources that can construct pretty powerful solutions for customers. I learned this first hand when a team of ECLPs and I stumbled upon Last Mile™ Fueling.

The journey began just over a year ago when Khaled Bourenane (ECLP 2013), Muna Kassissieh (ECLP 2013) & Shanita Woodard (ECLP 2013) undertook an asset evaluation for an international oil company to determine how they could replace diesel with natural gas for fueling purposes. Our approach was thorough, analysis insightful, but our offering was falling a bit short. What we learned was that to solve this fueling paradox, GE needed to provide a fueling service rather than just a CNG in a Box or small scale LNG product offering.

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Top Talent Project Series: Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness

Each year, top performers among the ECLP class across different GE businesses will be chosen to spend four weeks working with the commercial frontier of a GE business, a.k.a. Top Talent Project.   During the last quarter of 2013, 15 ECLPs from around GE were lucky enough to spend four weeks working for the GE Oil & Gas marketing team in Florence, Italy.

The group split up to tackle three key areas of interest for the business:

1.Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness
2.Virtual Gas Pipelines
3.Customer Co-Creation & Collaboration

Thanks to Simon Rost, ECLP ‘14 of GE Global Operations for the following story on Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness.


The “Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness” project team, consisting of 5 ECLPs from 4 different GE businesses and 3 different countries (Simon Rost, Caroline Padbury, Charlotte Godwin, Jeffrey Mowris and John Neilson), focused on the identification of opportunities to enhance speed and efficiency of the commercial teams to speed up customer response time.

 “After the project briefing with the Oil & Gas team, it was very clear to us that we need an intensive voice of the field to understand where we could make a difference” remembers Simon, the lead of the ECLP SWAT team.  (Note: A SWAT team is a cross-business team of experts meant to complete work on a specific project in a short period of time.)

The team split up into couples and spent the first 10 days talking to 66 stakeholders including sales reps, key account managers, marketing and commercial operations to identify the key challenges in the daily job of the commercial function.

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Join Us: GE Webinar Africa Event - 26 Feb '14

GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP) is hosting a Global Webinar on Africa


Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014
Time: 13h00 – 14h00, GMT


Webinar Link – Please Join! 
Webinar Link – GE Internal


Meeting number: 821 432 402
Meeting password: 123456

For a list of dial-ins, scroll down to find your locations.
Access code: 1781277  


Participant UK Free Call Dial-In Numbers:

United Kingdom: 08006945720

Participant Standard International Dial-In Number:






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Featured ECLP: Anne Nash

My sister and I in Rome, Italy (Nov, 2013) – one of the cities I was able to visit while on assignment in Italy. Working for a great company such as GE with offices worldwide allows you the opportunity to widen your horizons and experience different cultures as well.Who: Anne Nash, ECLP Class of 2014, Capital, US

School: University of Texas at Dallas, MBA 2011

Current assignment and location: Sales & Strategic Marketing, Apple Financial Services, San Francisco, CA, US

What have you been involved in lately
My current assignment just began a couple of weeks ago but have already gotten some traction on a huge game changer involving a key strategic account – stay tuned! 

I’ve also began work on refining and defining an internal process to ensure we are well equipped to handle customer requests promptly and efficiently.

In my previous rotation I was tasked with introducing a new marketing channel to boost revenue for one of the largest retail clients at GE Capital – Gap Inc. Introduction of SMS (Short Message Service) required extensive market research as well as competitive study to ensure that our “pilot” was successful. We began with a small population of about 40K and the results were better than expected - the campaign increased ISPN by more than 300 bps and the next step is to have an opt-in drive. I also clearly documented the process as a “best sharing” practice for other retail portfolios. Worked with IT to reprioritize interstitials where after analyzing data discovered a $60MM risk that we were able to mitigate fairly quickly by acting fast and adding value for our client by putting in parameters to ensure this was not overlooked/replicated in other retail portfolios as well.

I was also fortunate to have been selected for a Top Talent project in Florence

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Vancouver Global Conference

Jan 12-17, 2014; More than 100 ECLP program members from around the world gathered in Vancouver for business and leadership training, under the theme “Customer First“.

Opening the proceedings was Simon Olivier (VP Growth, Market Strategy and Business Development, GE Canada), sharing GE’s growth initiatives in the region.  

A highlight was Lee Cooper (GE Chief Commercial officer), speaking on commercial intensity and hosting a customer panel with Douglas Stout (VP, Fortis BC), Candice Li (VP, WestJet), Philip Barker (VP, Fraser Healt), and John Carson (CEO, Alterra Power Corporation).  Lee encouraged all ECLPs to deliver “Best in Class” commercial execution, and create a culture of winning.

“We’re becoming a company that operates at a faster pace on behalf of our customers and each other.”

— Lee Cooper

The ECLP training agenda included; strategy under uncertainty, fastworks, Olympic performance traits (by real Olympians Steve Backley & Roger Black), data analytics, change acceleration (CAP), and advanced presentation skills.  

Key takeaways were:

  • People are the most important part of change
  • Don’t be afraid to try and fail
  • Be a partner, not a supplier
  • Embrace uncertainty

The team took a night to celebrate the different cultures & backgrounds among the global ECLP community with a diversity Gala night, and spent a night on the town in beautiful Vancouver - enjoying snow sports at Grouse Mountain and a cruise night along the harbor.  

Some lucky ECLPs took time off after conference to unwind at nearby Whistler mountain - see a fun video they’ve shared at


Top Talent Project Series: Customer Co-Creation 

Each year, top performers among the ECLP class across different GE businesses will be chosen to spend four weeks working with the commercial frontier of a GE business, a.k.a. Top Talent Project.   During the last quarter of 2013, 15 ECLPs from around GE were lucky enough to spend four weeks working for the GE Oil & Gas marketing team in Florence, Italy.

The group split up to tackle three key areas of interest for the business:

  1. Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness
  2. Virtual Gas Pipelines
  3. Customer Co-Creation & Collaboration

The following story on Customer Co-creation is from Sean Cohen, our very own blog curator, one of the star ECLPs from GE Power & Water business.


Ryo Kawabata, Anne Nash, Sean Cohen, Camila Londoño, and Dmitry TurchinI was part of the Customer Co-Creation team, working on tools and techniques to make sure that (a) we understand exactly what problem our customer is trying to solve, and (b) that we’re building a solution that suits the customer.

We interviewed GE staffers from around the company - sales, marketing, engineering, services, and more -  each with vastly different experience solving customer problems.

A critical turning point was reviewing the results of small-scale trial projects, and finding a common thread of success: Better customer outcomes, massive savings on raw materials, and significantly faster NPI were all correlated with fostering a close, intimate relationship with the customer at every stage of the product development process - from initial research through to final engineering.

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Best of 2013: Letter from the Editors

Dear ECLP Blog Readers,

Happy New Year everyone!  It is the time again to reflect what we have accomplished last year and put forward our goals for 2014. 

In 2013 we have over sixty five blogs published to tell great stories about our ECLP program, our company, and our people. We hope you like these stories.  “Featured ECLP”, where we highlight ECLP’s ongoing rotations, backgrounds, and success stories, was a top focus in 2013, and represent 50% of the posts.  In 2014, on top of ECLP day-in-the-life posts, we plan to add more technology, business culture, and international content,  to bring more awareness to the “Big Themes” that are shifting our company, like Industrial Internet and Simplification. 

As a year-end activity, the editors voted on their own favorate posts in 2013. Here are some of the best to our editors votes:

—“Featuered ECLP” category: JP Balfour, Hsin Ying Lee

—“Executive Interview” category: Bret Barczak on Marketing Services 2.0

— “Events” category:  Atlanta ECLPs and ECLP Alumni Connect at a Hawks NBA Game

Please feel free to let us know what you like to see more,  we look forward to a great 2014 with you!


Your blog team,

-Qing, Julie, Sean and Emrah




ECLPs Helping Local Community: Love that Heals

Happy New Year 2014!

Today’s story is about a little boy named Issac. In 2011, a newborn baby was abandoned at a hospital in Beijing, police couldn’t find his parents. He was seriously ill and needed heart surgery. ECLPs from two GE sites in Beijing collected cash and in-kind donations for him for a year and a half, in partnership with New Day Foster Home, a local orphanage. Today Issac is a much healthier toddler. He just found a new home in the US and will spend the new year with his new parents.


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Leadership Exposure: Meeting with China CEO Mark Hutchinson

(Shanghai,CHINA, Oct. 28th) 11 ECLPs presented their rotation achievements and key learnings to Mark Hutchinson, President and CEO of GE China in a session hosted by GGO and Commercial Development Manager Maggie Jing Yuan. Guest leaders attended from across the company, including Eunice Chiu, CMO of Healthcare China.  Mark showed tremendous appreciation for the team’s achievements, and renewed his commitment to help the team leverage GE’s strengths across the businesses.
Here are some of the highlights:

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