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Global Give Back 2015 - From China to the US ... ECLPs volunteer!

From Bejing …

For over 32 years, more than 78 million people have planted more than 189 million trees throughout Beijing, China. On April 4, 2015 Wei He (O&G, ECLP Class of 2016) and his family decided to join in on the fun by planting trees at a community event in Beijing.

From the U.S. …

Audrey Iriberri (Corporate Enterprise, ECLP Class of 2016) donated her hair to support cancer patients!


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Global Give Back 2015 - Aviation ECLPs help out at the Freestore Foodbank!

The Aviation ECLP’s volunteered at The Freestore Foodbank, which receives food donations and aims to stamp out hunger in the area. The team was able to support in several ways. During the event they arranged to spend some time working in whatever way the Freestore needed out help. But,also made a shopping trip ahead of their works shift to help stock the shelves.

“We showed up at the distribution center with a couple trunk loads of food to help the cause.” 

GE Aviation ECLPs ‘hard at work’ at the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati.


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Global Give Back 2015 - Power & Water dishes up Greek food at Hope Lodge!

Power & Water ECLPs come together for the 2015 Global Give BackECLP Andrew Collier from Power & Water (P&W) led a group of ECLPs from P&W on a community service activity at Hope Lodge in Philadelphia. Hope Lodge provides cancer patients and their family members a place to stay while undergoing cancer treatment in the Philadelphia area. The group cooked a Greek-themed dinner for approximately 70 guests at Hope Lodge. The group was met by an incredibly enthusiastic group who were eager to share powerful stories about different trials and tribulation from patients at the lodge. At one point, one gentleman came up to an ECLP during the night to express his gratitude for their service – his wife was undergoing cancer treatment and the gentleman himself professed that he was a terrible cook, so not only were they able to take his mind off of cooking, but they were also able to give him more time to take care of his wife.

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Global Give Back 2015: ECLPs volunteer worldwide

The Global Give Back Campaign, set to end on a furious pace on Sunday, May 17, continues to showcase the ECLP community’s desire to help the community and benefit those in need.  The following stories of volunteerism span 4 continents.  

One heartwarming story set aside the competition and came together as a cross-business to benefit children (although we DO take our competitions seriously)!

Another said “rubbish” to all of the competitive spirt and went for a dive (for charity, of course).

Anil Ince (HC) volunteered to do clean up the rubbish under water in TurkeyBe sure to stay tuned as ECLPs rush to give back for GGB 2015!

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From Lesotho, South Africa - GE ECLP Global Give Back

Global Give Back is an annual initiative within GEs Experienced Commercial Leadership Program that encourages program participants (ECLPs) to give back to their communities through monetary donations, and by volunteering their time to causes they believe in. Check out some interesting volunteer stories:


Tim Furey, Allison Hannon, and David Rottblatt visited the Hamali village in Lesotho in April, 2015. The village is located in the north-western part of the country, deep in a valley where most people support themselves with local agricultural trade and family farming. During this visit, the group worked with a local family to chop wood for cooking and heating, helped prepare food, and worked with local children. Check out some of the pictures from their visit!



ALUMNI HIGHLIGHT: Sales Process Simplification in India

A GE India strategic initiative - ECLP India Alum recognized in leading the way

The Business Problem:

GE India Commercial team recognized a critical need for Sales Process Simplification (SPS) across its industrial businesses, from Power & Water to Lighting & Healthcare. But there were a lack of central commercial resources to execute a solution for such a wide-scope business project.

ECLP India Alum: 

The ECLP India Alum team were reached out to for this business need & immediately stepped up to commit to the GE India Commercial Executive Council to lead this project. And the entire India ECLP Alum , in turn, backed them. As a result, a significant part of the India Alum worked tirelessly, aside from their day jobs, to deliver impact by supporting this key strategic initiative. The project benefitted immensely from the strong commercial acumen within the ECLP Alum community, at a critical time when the project seemed headed for delay.

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2015 ECLP Annual Global Give Back Competition (4/1 - 5/15)

Aviation team sorted canned food goods at the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati, USAToday, the ECLP hosts a month-long competition among the GE businesses to encourage giving back to the community for the 2015 Global Give Back Competition. Program members are encouraged to organize events and come together to positively impact lives in their local neighborhoods. With over 2,700 hours (equivalent) of service, Global Give Back 2014 resulted in the highest number of volunteer hours in our Global Give Back history!

In 2015, we are looking forward to a tough match-up from all of the businesses. The Aviation team has been champion of the friendly competition for the past three years – though the Corporate team gave them quite the challenge last year! Rumor has it; some of the other businesses have their sights set on the win this year.

Healthcare team hosted a career development counseling session with local youth in Sao Paulo, BrazilAndrew Collier (Power & Water) and ECLP team took cancer patients to a “ball game” in Cheltenham, USA Boris Shusterman (GGO) and Alexey Vorotnev (Oil & Gas) renovated the playground of Moscow Kinder Garden #59 in RussiaAmara Aigbedion (Oil & Gas) biked 180 miles and raised $850 for charity in Texas, USA

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Featured ECLP Alumni: Elizabeth Kurfess ... thoughts on Sponsorship

Elizabeth Kurfess, Director of Strategic Consumer Partnerships (GE Ventures)I have multiple supporters, some that I actively cultivated and some that developed more naturally. I think of them as my Board of Directors … they help me guide my strategic direction with an objective view as to what is best at a macro level. Sometimes they present opportunities to me because they know me, my strengths, my development needs, and my passions. And they give me feedback … positive and negative.

“I guess I believe in ‘supportership’ more than ‘sponsorship’…”

The term sponsorship does not really resonate with me, so I looked up the definition: “one who assumes responsibility for another person or a group during a period of instruction, apprenticeship, or probation.” I personally believe in taking responsibility for one’s self, but I know and appreciate that I have obtained some of my best roles (including the one I am currently in) due to my network of supporters.

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MBA Grads Critical to General Electric’s Growth

The Director of GE’s prestigious Experienced Commercial Leadership Programme tells us how MBAs are helping to lead the firm into the future.

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GE ECLP Recruiting Webinar - MENAT Region

GE ECLP has opportunities for high potential candidates for commercial roles in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey region!

Please join the webinar on Thursday, March 19th, 2015 to learn more about exciting career opportunities with GE ECLP: 

Date: Thursday, March 19th, 2015
Time: 16:00 pm, Arabian Time (Abu Dhabi, Muscat, GMT+04:00).
Duration:  1 hour
Link to Webinar
Link to PDF 

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