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ECLP Commercial Women Speaker Series: Erin Dillard

Erin Dillard (@edillardeclp)

Erin Dillard, Managing Director of Strategic Accounts for GE Lighting and ECLP Alum“Choose, don’t wait to be chosen” – don’t take a backseat when you have an opportunity to drive.

Wise words from the professor, turned motivational speaker, turned entrepreneur mother of Erin Dillard.  Erin, herself a mother of 3 young children, has certainly taken the opportunity to drive her career and is the current Managing Director for Strategic Accounts at GE Lighting.  She was also the first female leader to provide her perspective on gender diversity in the ECLP Commercial Women speaker series – an ongoing conversation about gender diversity led by top female leaders of GE.

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From the Eyes of an ECLP Summer Intern … 2015 Summer Conference Reflections 

Name:  Jim Lamb

Jim Lamb at the 2015 ECLP Summer Conference

School:  University of Texas McCombs School of Business. Focus on Energy finance and Clean Technology.  Final semester (Spring 2016) will be in Copenhagen.

Prior Employment: Prior to business school, I worked as a field engineer for an Oil and Gas service company.  I ran data acquisition and analysis operations on oil rigs and frac locations. In the five years as a field engineer, I worked in every major oil/shale play in the US and the oil sands in Alberta, Canada..

GE Business: ECLP Summer Associate in Power & Water, eStore management/eCommerce at GE Water & Process Technologies (Trevose, Pennsylvania.)

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From the Eyes of an ECLP Summer Intern … 2015 Summer Conference Reflections

From L to R: Summer ECLPS Jorge Cespedes, Narmina Conzatti and Elisabeth Burrows pose for a selfie outside the Village at Crotonville!

Name: Jorge Cespedes

School: Licentiate in Business Administration by University of The Pacific (Lima) and MBA Thunderbird School of Global Management AZ, USA.

Prior Employment: 10 years of experience in sales and marketing roles for Unilever, Bayer, Goodyear, and Shell.

GE Business: GE Transportation, Product Management at GE Mining (Erie, Pennsylvania.)

Why I choose GE. I’ve read early in my career that GE educates the best managers in the world. As soon as I began my MBA I said to myself, “I want to be part of that experience.” 

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From the Eyes of a 2017 ECLP … 2015 Summer Conference Reflections

Priyanka and a few of her 2017 ECLP colleagues relaxing at Crotonville … Just another day at the office.Name: Priyanka Joseph
Education: Purdue University, Krannert School of Management
Prior Employment: Union Pacific Railroad, Maintenance of Way
GE Business: GE Transportation, ECLP 2017

What an inspiring start to a promising career at GE – The 2015 ECLP Conference in Greenwich, CT was a beautifully planned and executed event, hosting all new ECLPS (Go 2017s!), current ECLPs, Summer Associates and members from the CLDP.

Starting off the week on a technology high note (with a trendy ECLP-tech themed backdrop) was Salim Ismail, Global Ambassador at Singularity University. Salim’s discussion encouraged all forms of creativity and imagination, truly setting the theme for the rest of the conference. 

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From the Eyes of a 2016 ECLP… 2015 Summer Conference Reflections

Jeff Immelt shares a few memorable stories with the ECLPsThe ECLP community gathered for our annual summer conference in Greenwich, CT the week of July 13-17.  After a week back in the office, we’ve had time to reflect on the commercial learning and high pace experience at the Greenwich, Hyatt.   This year’s theme was “Shift” and the tone for the conference was set by our first speaker Salim Ismail who delivered a captivating talk about the pace of innovation and growth of computing power.  In the current era, an organizations ability to adapt to change and embrace or contribute to disruption will dictate their survival. This powerful message resonated with the audience and served as a great catalyst to the mood for the rest of the week.   Below are my thoughts on Salim’s talk as well as takeaways from some of our other speakers:

  • Salim Ismail: we live in an era where mankind is accelerating technological capability at an unprecedented pace.  The key to the future will be our ability to reform governance (to both regulate and properly facilitate technology) and adopt to disruption as a society (energy abundance in oil driven world for example).   

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2015 ECLP Commercial Conference

The 2015 ECLP Commercial Conference was held in Greenwich CT.Every July, ECLPs from around the globe meet in a central location for an annual ECLP commercial conference. This year we met at the Hyatt in Greenwich Connecticut. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘SHIFT’. This can mean different things to different people, however for the ECLPs it reflects the notion that we as future commercial leaders need to be ready, willing, and able to change, adapt and alter our behaviors in order to provide solutions for our customers biggest problems. Business models are changing, technologies are evolving rapidly … and being fast and nimble in business is key.

Over the next few weeks we will reflect back on the conference through a series of blogs, written by ECLPs … 

  • Graduating Class will share their memories from the past 2 years and give insight into their graduation week
  • ECLP class of 2016s, who are now the upper-class men/women for the program will provide insights into the speakers and training
  • ECLP class of 2017s will provide a snap shot into what life at GE is like during their first week on the job
  • ECLP Summer Associates will share why they joined GE in the first place and what they took away from the conference

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Jamie Hutson is going Solar this Summer

Jamie Hutson tracking the sun in Schenectady NY

Who: Jamie Hutson, ECLP Summer Associate in Power & Water.

School: Year one of a three year dual-degree program at Columbia University, which is a Master of International Affairs in Energy Management and an MBA.

Work Experience: Prior to grad school, I was an entrepreneur, having started and sold two companies. The most recent company I was involved in was a biodiesel feedstock provider where we took the company from 4 people to 80+ in 5 years and sold the business to a Private Equity firm that still operates it today.

My First Week at GE …

People often ask me: Why would you want to come to GE after being an entrepreneur? The answers, while both personal and professional, can be boiled down to scale. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly driving toward scale, to accomplish scale economies. While it’s exciting and rewarding in many ways, much of your time is spent dealing with the growing pains of the business, rather than actually growing the business.

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MBA Careers: Peer Networks Help Future Leaders Prosper At GE

ECLPs Chris Hermanas and Delroy Hector share their thoughts on networking, coaching, and growing into commerical leaders at General Electric …


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Sitting down with the CEO of GE Australia & New Zealand

Martin Kennedy (ECLP class of 2016) and Louis Tyrell sat down and chatted with Geoff Culbert, the CEO of GE Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s a bit of everything from the land down under:

From discussing Go-To karaoke songs to having courage when leading … Some fun, some insights, and a great discussion.

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Taking a Ride on a Zip-line ... ASEAN ECLP Day

ECLPs hard at work and deep in discussion with GE senior leadersOn May 21st, ECLPs in ASEAN had a full day off-site workout with GE senior leaders Vishal Wanchoo (GE Officer), Rahul Gupta, Tatsuo Kinoshita, Hammad Hussain, and Nilesh Shah in Sentosa Island, Singapore. The event was organized by Fiona Yung (ASEAN Leadership Program HRM).

The day started out with a self-awareness session hosted by Fiona, followed by business updates especially related to ASEAN and the GGO organization, afterwards continued with by ECLPs giving recommendations on how to improve the program experience and recruiting talent in the emerging markets. In true spirit of being a ECLP, after lunch ECLPs had the chance to network with ECLP alums, business leaders and business HRMs located in Singapore and later on share their achievements with the leaders. The whole day was closed by a 450 m slide from 72 m above the ground all the way to Siloso Beach on a zip-line at the Megazip Adventure Park.

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