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ECLPs head to Washington, DC for the 20th AAF Symposium

The African American Forum (AAF) is a GE affinity group that aims to strengthen African & African American employees at GE through professional development, career management, mentoring, exposure, & networking which will enable retention and growth.

US Senator of New Jersey, Cory Booker shared an inspiring story and lessons learned on why he is “Simply All In.” He also spoke about the “Conspiracy of Love”— how an entire community can ensure that African Americans succeed through love and commitment.In mid-September 2014, a group of ECLPs from the African American & African Forum (AAF) embarked on a journey to Washington, DC to attend the 20th AAF Symposium. Approximately 1,400 AAF members from over 35 countries attended the two day conference this year. The event showcased the AAF’s solid network and sense of family—revolving around the theme “Simply All in”.

The symposium was a star-studded line up of GE senior leaders, including but not limited to: Jeff Immelt (Chairman & CEO, GE), Keith Sherin (CEO, GE Capital), Dmitri Stockton (CEO, GE Asset Management), Lorenzo Simonelli (CEO, GE Oil & Gas), and Jay Ireland (CEO, GE Africa).

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iCal Friday (9/26): NSHMBA, GE Capital Keynote at Asian MBA

GE’s diversity road show has taken us to Philadelphia, where we’re on Day 3 of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs.  Today’s special guests from Latino magazine brings Philadelphia STEM students to explore careers in science and engineering.  ECLP welcomes all technology-minded people at NSHMBA to learn about GE and our founder, Thomas Edison.  

It’s Friday, so it’s time for all ECLP candidates to refresh their calendars. 

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iCal Friday (9/19): NBMBAA Recap, NSHMBA Recruiting Preview

In September and October, ECLP Blog will run a weekly segment to keep potential ECLP candidates’ calendars current with updates on webinars and recruiting activities.

This week has been a very active week for recruiting!  We finished a week of recruting at Notre Dame and represented in a big way at National Black MBA Association in Atlanta.  Here is our favorite tweet of the week.  Thanks Delroy!

 Reminders for university recruiting:

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It's recruiting time. Ready? Discover GE Diversity (Sep 11 & 22)

GE is recruiting at several major diversity conferences every year.  Are you ready? Are you nervous and excited about finding that dream job?  Do you want to discover real commitment to diversity?

Join us tomorrow (9/11/14 - 5:00 PM Central Time) or Monday, September 22nd (3:00 PM Central Time)

RSVP HERE to let us know if you’ll be attending a conference or our webinar, and all the details can be found in the GE Diversity Webinar Flyer.  

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Featured ECLP: HE Lei, Harry

Grabbing a healthy snack before solving the world’s biggest problems…Who: HE Lei, HarryECLP Class 2015, GE Healthcare

School: Shanghai Jiaotong University, MS 2006, Biomedical Engineering

Current assignment and location:  Product Marketing Manager, Advanced Application of Global DGS, Milwaukee, WI, US

Rotation and learning

My first rotation was as a 3.0T Magnetic Resonance (MR) product leader in China. The China MR market has become one of the largest markets, with expectations for significant future growth as well.

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Aviation ECLPs in Cincinnati get together with ECLP Alumni

Aviation ECLPs organize happy hour and community service events to network with ECLP Alumni in the Cincinnati area.  Each happy hour is hosted at a different pub or restaurant in the area every other month.  The latest event had a 40%/60% mix of Alumni to current ECLPs.  These events provide excellent opportunities for current ECLPs to get advice from Alumni and for Alumni to stay connected on what’s going on with the program.  Alumni members are also involved in quarterly volunteer activities organized by current program members.  A great way to network and give back to the community!


Award Winning ECLP Series: Christine Lee

A new series to the ECLP blog will spotlight ECLP Award Winners.  The top performers were recognized for their efforts at the July 2014 Commercial Leadership Conference held in Greenwich (CT).

Christine Lee was presented the 2014 ECLP Award for GE’s Inclusiveness Growth Value. This is in recognition of her contribution to the Capital business in driving program execution and renewed business vitality with a JV partner in Australia. 


A once in a lifetime dream: visiting the F1 team garages and meeting drivers at the Australian Grand Prix 2013 Who: Christine Lee, ECLP Class of 2015, GE Capital

School: University of Melbourne, BSc. Mathematics, Statistics & Psychology

Current Assignment & Location: Strategic Initiatives Director, Commercial Finance, GE Capital Melbourne, Australia

Her Story:

Whilst my 2nd rotation on the Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (‘ECLP’) had only begun in March, my career with GE started a while ago. In fact I had two starts with the company, first in 2005 and a second time in 2010. Last July, I was selected by the Australian business as an internal hire into the program (approximately 15% to 20% of ECLP’s annual intake comes from the internal GE talent pool).

Over my 7+ years with GE Capital (including ECLP) I have had numerous roles spanning from Analytics, Risk, Product, Marketing and Sales. My career with GE Capital has taken me to both our Commercial B2B and Consumer B2C businesses, at least twice over! I don’t know of many banks or financial institutions that would ever afford one the opportunity to build such a diverse career.

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Summer Associate Reflections: A Summer In Florence

(By Alessandro Cembalo Sambiase (Oil & Gas, UK) & Jan Grotmann-Hoefling (Oil & Gas, UK)

2014 GECPC at Woodway Beach Club

Many companies come to campus and advertise summer internship opportunities.  We students face many different options to consider. Whether it is consulting, the finance industry, early start-ups or big tech firms, there are opportunities for everyone. However, the internship opportunity with GE Oil & Gas stood out for us. Which other company with such a long history is focused so much on innovation and solutions for our future? Moreover, we learned that we could be the first ECLP Summer Associates in Europe, an offer we could not resist!

The Summer Associate experience has more than met our expectations. We are based in Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. We have the impression that we work for a company that has been, and continues to be, the cradle of innovation. This environment requires great open-mindedness and we are learning something new every day, which is only possible because of GE’s unique culture. Having worked for smaller companies in the past, we are still amazed how effortlessly collaboration works in a company as large-scale and global as GE. Whether we are seeking input from a colleague one office away or a person based on the other side of the world, we can always count on support for our projects. We find support with our summer-long assignments and our highly visible SWAT projects. At the same time, our views are valued by our colleagues, which is great after one year of MBA studies. We know that our contribution has real-life implications and that we will be able to make a true impact on GE’s business.

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GE Blue - A New Uniform for Veterans in ECLP

(By Allison Maas, Aviation ECLP ‘15)

11 US military veterans in the current ECLP classes gathered during the ECLP summer conference in Greenwich, CT

We all know that light blue dress shirts are an unofficial corporate GE uniform, but for over 10,000 GE employees, a uniform feels, well, uniform.  A total of 11 US military veterans attended the ECLP conference in Greenwich, CT; accounting for 5% of the participants, almost 4 times more than last year.  GE’s Veteran Network was initiated in 2009 to broaden personal and professional connections amongst veteran employees and support one another in navigating the corporate world.  Currently about 3% of GE employees are US veterans.

GE makes our world seem small, and ECLP makes it smaller, so we are always astonished to find out that we have even more connections when we add in our military network.    Gathering for breakfast during conference, we discovered numerous connections between common duty stations and mutual friends.  One such connection was between Brandon Woods (2015 ECLP, Healthcare) and Ben Watt (2016 ECLP, Aviation); they discovered that they both served in the same Battalion at the same time but never knew each other in the service.   Veterans in ECLP have driven ships, flown helicopters, operated nuclear power plants, lead ground troops in combat, organized human resources, gathered and disseminated intelligence, controlled signals, and just about everything in-between.  Just as how in ECLP our brand and ethos unite individuals from different businesses and  geographic locations, the same is true for veterans coming together from different communities and geographic locations.

The veteran connection doesn’t stop with the 11 US military veterans, we also have 6 other veterans from Singapore, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, and Korea in our ECLP class.  We are grateful for Beth Comstock’s support in bringing the veteran initiative to GE and excited about bringing even more diversity to ECLP.


Featured ECLP: Mae Sattam

Who: Mae Sattam, ECLP Class of 2015, Healthcare, US

School: The University of Texas at Austin, MBA 2012, BS in Biomedical Engineering 2007

Current Assignment & Location: Strategic Customer Solutions, Healthcare Systems Marketing, Wauwatosa, WI, US


During the 2013 Summer Conference: Mae Sattam (Healthcare US), Christina Waters (Power & Water, Canada), Adam Markowski (Capital, Europe), Philip Obi (Global Growth & Operations, Africa), Sri Narasimhan (Capital, US), Andrianto Martiono (Global Growth & Operations, APAC), Calixte Jeuffrain (Energy, Europe)

Why GE, Why Healthcare, Why ECLP

Like many who have come before you, you have probably been on this blog for hours, deciding whether or not ECLP is the right choice for you. It is quite an interesting time; you may be graduating with your MBA and/or are sitting at a crossroads, wondering about your next move.

Joining ECLP was the best move I could make. Here is why.

Reason #1. The work. It is work, but it is extremely fulfilling. All that I have learned in school and in life up to this point has been put to use.

I am in rotation #2 out of 3 in which I am the marketing manager for strategic customer solutions at GE Healthcare. In this role, I work on two main projects. One involves the commercial activation of two major showcases, the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland and the Center for Connected Medicine in Pittsburgh. Commercial activation involves empowering our sales teams with the resources and training that they need to speak to our technologies, services, and solutions with our customers. This commercial intensity within our sales teams will not only strengthen our value proposition, but also ultimately exceed the strategic and financial objectives for our business.


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