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Summer Associate Reflections: London In Spring

Many companies come to campus and advertise summer internship opportunities.  We students face many different options to consider. Whether it is consulting, the finance industry, early start-ups or big tech firms, there are opportunities for everyone. However, the internship opportunity with GE Oil & Gas stood out for us. Which other company with such a long history is focused so much on innovation and solutions for our future?

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GE Blue - A New Uniform for Veterans in ECLP

(By Allison Maas, Aviation ECLP ‘15)

11 US military veterans in the current ECLP classes gathered during the ECLP summer conference in Greenwich, CT

We all know that light blue dress shirts are an unofficial corporate GE uniform, but for over 10,000 GE employees, a uniform feels, well, uniform.  A total of 11 US military veterans attended the ECLP conference in Greenwich, CT; accounting for 5% of the participants, almost 4 times more than last year.  GE’s Veteran Network was initiated in 2009 to broaden personal and professional connections amongst veteran employees and support one another in navigating the corporate world.  Currently about 3% of GE employees are US veterans.

GE makes our world seem small, and ECLP makes it smaller, so we are always astonished to find out that we have even more connections when we add in our military network.    Gathering for breakfast during conference, we discovered numerous connections between common duty stations and mutual friends.  One such connection was between Brandon Woods (2015 ECLP, Healthcare) and Ben Watt (2016 ECLP, Aviation); they discovered that they both served in the same Battalion at the same time but never knew each other in the service.   Veterans in ECLP have driven ships, flown helicopters, operated nuclear power plants, lead ground troops in combat, organized human resources, gathered and disseminated intelligence, controlled signals, and just about everything in-between.  Just as how in ECLP our brand and ethos unite individuals from different businesses and  geographic locations, the same is true for veterans coming together from different communities and geographic locations.

The veteran connection doesn’t stop with the 11 US military veterans, we also have 6 other veterans from Singapore, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, and Korea in our ECLP class.  We are grateful for Beth Comstock’s support in bringing the veteran initiative to GE and excited about bringing even more diversity to ECLP.


Featured ECLP: Mae Sattam

Who: Mae Sattam, ECLP Class of 2015, Healthcare, US

School: The University of Texas at Austin, MBA 2012, BS in Biomedical Engineering 2007

Current Assignment & Location: Strategic Customer Solutions, Healthcare Systems Marketing, Wauwatosa, WI, US


During the 2013 Summer Conference: Mae Sattam (Healthcare US), Christina Waters (Power & Water, Canada), Adam Markowski (Capital, Europe), Philip Obi (Global Growth & Operations, Africa), Sri Narasimhan (Capital, US), Andrianto Martiono (Global Growth & Operations, APAC), Calixte Jeuffrain (Energy, Europe)

Why GE, Why Healthcare, Why ECLP

Like many who have come before you, you have probably been on this blog for hours, deciding whether or not ECLP is the right choice for you. It is quite an interesting time; you may be graduating with your MBA and/or are sitting at a crossroads, wondering about your next move.

Joining ECLP was the best move I could make. Here is why.

Reason #1. The work. It is work, but it is extremely fulfilling. All that I have learned in school and in life up to this point has been put to use.

I am in rotation #2 out of 3 in which I am the marketing manager for strategic customer solutions at GE Healthcare. In this role, I work on two main projects. One involves the commercial activation of two major showcases, the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland and the Center for Connected Medicine in Pittsburgh. Commercial activation involves empowering our sales teams with the resources and training that they need to speak to our technologies, services, and solutions with our customers. This commercial intensity within our sales teams will not only strengthen our value proposition, but also ultimately exceed the strategic and financial objectives for our business.


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Featured ECLP: Susie Lévesque

Susie Lévesque (middle), GGO ECLP 2015, discussing project with a team of ECLPsWho: Susie Lévesque

Where: Global Growth & Operations (GGO), ECLP 2015, Canada


GE’s commercial teams are committed to deliver effective solutions that maximize the value to our customers. The key question we ask ourselves is, how? How do we deliver excellence when the market is continuously evolving and when each customer poses a unique set of constraints and challenges? 

This story begins in Calgary. The concept starts with Customer Focus.

Earlier this year, I joined GE’s Heavy Oil team. The team was seeking ways to shape 2014 into another solid year for one of the largest energy companies (our partner) in North America and for GE. The previous year’s accomplishments could have led us to be optimistic for the future. We could have based our optimism from the successful pilots involving water treatment. We could have based our optimism from the effective solutions we implemented into our partner’s processes. Would this approach be a gauge of future success and ensure that our commercial teams maintain their edge?

We did sense that we needed to understand the root of our successes and roadblocks. The first step we used was to capture our partner’s feedback, expectations and future needs. This was a humbling exercise in many ways: the good, the bad and the ugly were echoing in the meeting room. Our partner was focused on industry step changes, not on incremental benefits of continuous improvement initiatives. They wanted to be ahead of the market by combining their industry expertise and GE’s global capabilities and technologies. What they wanted was a game changing plan.

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2014 Commercial Programs Conference Highlights - Part 4: What's New with Edi Ekhomu!

(By Edi Ekhomu, ECLP Class of 2015, Capital - US Pole)


2014 Commercial Programs Conference Highlights - Part 3: Through the Eyes of An ECLP Summer Associate 

(By Taelor Leinss, Summer Associate)

For the past six days, I have lived and breathed the vast and exciting world of General Electric during our bi-annual ECLP conference in Greenwich, CT. 215 people flew in from around the world united by a common bond- the desire to learn and develop our skills to become a commercial leader at General Electric.

Every day we spent the mornings listening to intriguing and enthusiastic speakers share their career journeys as well as life lessons they have picked up along the way. From Jeff Immelt, our CEO and Chairman, who explained the importance of incorporating the industrial internet into all of our divisions to remain competitive to Deb Frodl, our Global Executive Director of Ecomagination, who shared her experience of balancing a family life while climbing the corporate ladder. Coming from a tech background, I found it very exciting to hear from Beth Comstock, our CMO, who discussed GE’s venture into startups through taking outside entrepreneurial ideas and using GE resources to develop products. 

Overall, my favorite speaker of the week was Kate Johnson. A recent transplant from Oracle, Kate is now our VP, Chief Commercial Officer, which is now my new dream job. She provides the organization great insight into how we can utilize software solutions in our products to help our customers decrease downtime and predict future problems. Kate is brains behind GE’s superpowers. After speeches, we would have networking lunches where we were able to meet full time ECLPs to learn more about their rotations and experiences.

The afternoon was filled with summer project pitchouts and personal development classes. Now, I know that sounds boring, but it was actually very interesting and fun to get to know the interns from other office locations and businesses on a deeper level. You can see a picture of my new work family, the GE Capital ECLP interns. My favorite was the Influencing Skills session. We learned not only about our own personality type, but also how to work with and flex to different personality types to improve team dynamics.

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2014 Commercial Programs Conference Highlights - Part 2: "Think of your career as a product"

Think of Your Career As a Product

(By Amol Kapur, ECLP Class 2016, Capital)

Chris Thomas (left), Global Recruiting Leader of ECLP Program having a fireside chat with Clarence Nunn (right), President and CEO of GE Capital Franchise Finance (photo credit: Greg Petsche, CLDP 2015)The ECLPs from both the class of 2015 & 2016 had the pleasure of listening to Clarence Nunn, President and CEO of GE Capital Franchise Finance speak with us about his commercial career at GE.

Be reflective…

Clarence spoke about being reflective with respect to your skill set.  He does this exercise every year and is sure to not only address areas for development, but also design a course of actions to improve in those areas. 

Skills matter, titles don’t…

It is easy to get lost in the day dream of C-level job titles especially if you have been spoiled with speeches from GE officers praising ECLPs.  However, Clarence had a firm stance that early on in our careers, the first 3 to 5 years, we should be focused on skill development and building domain knowledge.  The patience to grow and learn while stretching yourself professionally will pay off in the long run with the coveted job title.

Think of your career as a product…

Don’t get stale.  Read, be curious, embrace and seek out change, be active in your community and get involved in activities outside of your rotations and day to day assignments.  The curiosity to learn and grow will help you to evolve your ‘product’.

Mental toughness…

Learnt from his days of playing football in college and the pros, Clarence said that mental toughness has helped him excel as a commercial leader.  You have to be prepared to sell customers on value, and not on the lowest price.  Hence marketing plays a critical role in helping the sales organization by determining the value proposition.  With domain knowledge, long term relationships, and Access GE, GE Capital has been successful in establishing their value rather than competing on price.


2014 Commercial Programs Conference Highlights - Part 1

Over 200 ECLPs and Summer Associates from around the world have gathered in Greenwich, Connecticut, for the 12th annual Commercial Leadership Conference. It has been a packed and valuable experience so far to network with senior and new colleagues and friends from all major regions of the world and all 9 businesses of GE.

We started the week by giving back to the community through various community service activities, ranging from cleaning the Mill River in Stamford to spending a day at the Maritime Aquarium with mentally challenged adolescents and adults from the Stars Behavioral Health Group (press release here)

Day 2 we had a star-studded agenda with keynote speeches from CEO Jeff Immelt, Chief Marketing Officer Beth Comstock and Chief Commercial Officer Kate Johnson.

Beth Comstock, CMO of GE, delivering keynote speech at the 2014 Commerical Programs Conference

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What an Amazing Week ! -- 2014 Commercial Program Conference 


Capital Welcomes New ECLP Class of 2016

We officially welcomed the new Capital ECLP Class of 2016! 

This week more than 40 Capital ECLPs from both class of 2015 and 2016 gathered in Norwalk CT for the semi-annual Capital business training week.  For 2015s, the packed training agenda includes commerical excellence and digital marketing, loan and transaction structuring, and mindset of CEO sessions; For 2016s, their week is full of business introductions from senior Capital leaders, orientation, and other team building sessions.  The two classes mingled and shared fun time together.


Capital ECLP 2015/2016 Networking Session Mason Narramore (‘15) sharing his career path with Sarah Maynard (‘16)