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2012 ECLP Case Competition Roundup

After completing four Regional competitions, the 2012 ECLP Case Competition has come to a close. All together 18 business schools participated with almost 700 first year MBA students applying to take part. The students worked in teams to solve a real world problem for GE’s Aviation business - how to employ the Industrial Internet to improve overall operations and efficiency and how best to rollout the proposed solutions in the business itself.

The teams with the best solutions from each school presented their ideas at one of four Regional competitions held this Fall where a judging panel comprised of GE Aviation, corporate marketing & ECLP recruiting leaders evaluated the ideas. Not only did the students receive exposure to high level GE representatives but in return GE Aviation executives received a set of innovative solutions they can use to help shape and implement the future of the Industrial Internet in their business.

We previously reported on the results of the Northeast Regional competition where Cornell’s Johnson School took home the top prize. As promised, we would now like to share the winners of the remaining three competitions.

Congratulations to the following winning teams!

- West Regional Champtions            USC’s Marshall School of Business (photo above)
- MidAtlantic Regional Champions     University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business
- MidWest Regional Champtions       Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business

The members of the winning team in each Regional Competition received a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to interview for a Summer Associate position with GE’s ECLP for Summer 2013. Interviews will be conducted over the course of the next few months.

For more specific details on these 3 competitions, including photos of our winners, please keep reading below -

West Regional Case Competition
• When:                                    Friday, Oct. 19th
• Where:                                   University of Texas (Austin)

• Participant Schools:               University of Texas (host)
                                                 Emory University
                                                 Southern Methodist University
                                                 University of Arizona
                                                 University of Southern California

• Total Participants:                  250+ students through the Round 0 selection process
• Regional Participants:            20 students from 5 schools

• Case Topic:                            GE Aviation & the Industrial Internet

• Judging Panel:                       John Gough – Executive, Aviation
                                                 Karen Dougherty – Marketing, Corporate
                                                 Heidi Swymer - Marketing, GE Capital

• Results:                                  1st Place – University of Southern California
                                                  2nd Place – University of Texas
                                                  3rd Place – University of Arizona

MidAtlantic Regional Case Competition
• When:                                    Friday, Oct. 26thth
• Where:                                   University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

• Participant Schools:               University of Virginia (host)
                                                 George Washington University
                                                 University of North Carolina
                                                 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
• Total Participants:                  150 students through the Round 0 selection process
• Regional Participants:            15 students from 4 schools

• Case Topic:                             GE Aviation & the Industrial Internet

• Judging Panel:                        Raffaele Delogu – Executive, Aviation
                                                  Renee Armstrong – Marketing, Corporate
                                                  Julie Coltre – Leader, ECLP Commercial Operations

• Results:                                  1st Place – University of Virginia (photo below)
                                                  2nd Place – University of Pennsylvania

MidWest Regional Case Competition
• When:                                    Friday, Nov. 16th
• Where:                                   University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN)

• Participant Schools:                University of Notre Dame (host)
                                                  Indiana University
                                                  University of Chicago
                                                  University of Michigan
• Total Participants:                   182 students through the Round 0 selection process
• Regional Participants:              13 students from 4 schools

• Case Topic:                              GE Aviation & the Industrial Internet

• Judging Panel:                        Jeff Wiseman – Executive, Aviation
                                                  Cecile Van Steenberge – Marketing, Corporate 
                                                  Erin Dillard – Leader, ECLP Program

• Results:                                  1st Place – Indiana University (photo below)

Reader Comments (1)

The ECLP Case Competition was a great experience. We got not only to learn about GE, the aviation industry, the Industrial Internet and GE's ECLP program, but also to come up with great analysis and recommendations of a business/technology case, a solid slide deck, a good presentation and responding to Q&A, and most especially to do a great team work.

I want to thank all the people from GE that made this competition possible and look forward to meeting you again soon.
December 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRaul Sananes

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