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Top Talent Project Series: Customer Co-Creation 

Each year, top ECLP performers are chosen to spend four weeks working on the commercial frontier of a GE business.  Recently 15 ECLPs from around GE were lucky enough to spend four weeks working for GE Oil & Gas in Florence, Italy.

The group tackled three key areas of interest for the business:

  1. Enhancing Commercial Team Effectiveness
  2. Virtual Gas Pipelines
  3. Customer Co-Creation & Collaboration

The following story on Customer Co-creation & Collaboration is from Sean Cohen, our very own blog curator, one of the star ECLPs from GE Power & Water.


Ryo Kawabata, Anne Nash, Sean Cohen, Camila Londoño, and Dmitry TurchinI was part of the Customer Co-Creation team, working on tools and techniques to make sure that (a) we understand exactly what problem our customer is trying to solve, and (b) that we’re building a solution that suits the customer.

We interviewed GE staffers from around the company - sales, marketing, engineering, services, and more - each with vastly different experience solving customer problems.

A critical turning point was reviewing the results of small-scale trial projects and finding a common thread of success: Better customer outcomes, massive savings on raw materials, and significantly faster NPI were all correlated with fostering a close, intimate relationship with the customer at every stage of the product development process - from initial research through to final engineering.

Using these individual success stories as a template, our team built frameworks and a rollout plan to create a permanent, robust organisational capability for intimate customer collaboration - what we call “Customer Co-Creation”. 

This Customer Co-Creation toolkit is slated to be part of the next GE Oil & Gas customer intimacy handbook, and a number of Co-Creation projects are already scheduled for the coming year. 

It was an honour to be part of the project, my sincere thanks to project sponsors Jerome Luciat-Labry, Ashley Haynes-Gaspar and Aric Zurek for making the project possible, and tremendous thank to my team - Camila Londoño, Ryo Kawabata, Anne Nash and Dmitry Turchin.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our experience or Customer Co-Creation and please feel free to contact me or any member of the team.

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